Res Media srl ​​with its certified Google consultants, develops any type of web project, starting from the simple site up to that of creative design. Particular attention is also paid to the creation of e-commerce sites for the sale of products and online services. The commitment is to satisfy the highest quality standards in terms of efficiency, ease of use, graphic impact and commercial results.


Creation of responsive websites

Our team of programmers is specialized in the development of websites that have to adapt to all the devices used by the user, in technical jargon called “responsive websites”. In particular, navigation must be very fast and perfect visibility on smartphones where today 75% of people connect. Google also penalizes in search sites not correctly visible on mobile, as it must guarantee the user a good experience of usability of the search engine, which is compromised by non-responsive sites.

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Study of a Seo project

A team of certified Google AdWords consultants will position the new site in the first positions of Google, through the precise study of texts and keywords, to ensure that these are clear, simple and immediately understandable for everyone. You will also apply the principles required by the SEO to bring as much audience as possible to your site. All this through quality backlinks (positive references from other sites), a blog (container of specific articles) to keep it updated and the link with the main social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin …)

Seo Company

Restyling of an old site Seo

We are going to renew obsolete sites, slow and not very appealing for graphics with new types of site with current design, more engaging in terms of marketing and efficient for content and speed. All this will be done with a constantly available programmer who will analyze the project and will create a new site prototype. This will be evaluated, tested and corrected for the complete satisfaction of the client, in order to be published online.

Sviluppatore Siti Web

Google Certified Consultants

Working with Google certified consultants specialized in different subjects, will focus on the main objective of your site, that is to be easily found and bring a customer to an online purchase, a request for quote or more information, being able to interact 24 hours on 24 holidays included. The Google certifications obtained are the result of study, practical experience and rigorous tests with final exams in order to meet the highest expectations.


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Support immediate and continue

Our programmers will follow you online in all phases of the site. You only have to send us the material, consisting of descriptions and photos or products and prices in the case of an e-commerce, which you will want to insert. In a short time you will create a draft of your new site that you can always evaluate and correct with a programmer next to the final result. In the future you can also update the site independently or with our support.

Social Media Agency

New online earnings

We will find together with you the best formula for taking off your online business, setting the goals of your site, so that it can become a source of new revenue. Buying online now is a practice and as in traditional sales, differentiation is very important. For this reason, the sites created will always be in a unique style, customized through an ad hoc study for the project, with detailed analysis of each individual element.

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Sites that give results

Why choose websites created by Res Media? To achieve the goal, that is to make the content known and push to action. As evidenced by the numerous positive reviews obtained, this result is achieved through online advertising on Google to be first in search, the rules of the Seo, Social Media, the articles of a blog to increase the audience that must flow to the site. For example, your potential client will begin a search to meet his needs and finding your site among the first will have an immediate response that will probably result in an action. This will follow an online purchase, a request for a quote, more information or a direct call, clickable now, often and gladly by smartphone!

Sviluppo Siti Web SEO

Visible results in a short time

The results will be visible in a short time, with costs for everyone, making sure that new customers can access the site, interacting with confidence and professionalism. You can decide whether to disseminate it at local, regional, national and even international level thanks to the extreme competence in the translation of texts managed by native speakers present in our structure. With Google, your site can be found anywhere in the world, in fact, if your ambition is to grow you can use this innovative tool by adding or replacing it to classic systems such as “word of mouth”, fairs and events. More and more customers today to work with a company, analyze the site, which is the first business card and as such can disappoint or attract.


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