Rank yourself to the top spots of your search category

With the term optimization for search engines ( search engine optimization, seo acronym), in internet language means, all those activities designed to improve the visibility of a website on search engines (such as eg. google , yahoo !, etc.) in order to improve (or maintain) the positioning of pages in response to questions of the web users.

Thanks to seo your site becomes visible

Res Mesia through an seo specialized consultant manages to make a ‘specific keyword analysis related to your business, in order to select those that can then be subscribed on the search engines by your potential visitor.

Seo means also to find web tools that can raise contacts and visits such as the insertion of a blog within the site that can collect articles of the related activity.


Aproperly performed seo, needs from three to six months to see concrete growth results in search engines. it is a slow and steady process, as the growth of a plant, and it must be done every day by monitoring keywords, blogs, social pages and backlinks to your site.

Our reports for analysis and constant monitoring will help to keep the site in the position it deserves, pushing it higher and higher in the search.


Today the site must be simple, modern and impact graphically with an important visibility not only in the classic pc, but especially in the current smartphone phones where as many as 75% of customers browse daily.

This simplicity of the new type of site proposed by Res Media goes hand in hand with the needs of the major search engine, Google. This, in fact, best indexes modern sites and optimized for smartphones than obsolete sites where mobile navigation is very difficult.

To receive a quote about a SEO project you can contact us directly to the Green Number or leave your data to be retrieved.

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