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I instructed Res Media to redo my blog and the result was very satisfying. In particular Giovanni, the expert who followed me with great patience, is really professional and I recommend it to everyone. Thanks so much
(Cristina Stillitano – Faccio la Mamma)
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A great staff, really professional available and attentive to every need.
I found their contact on the Internet and after my first phone call I realized that they could be the right people to create my blog. My feelings were correct and today I can only recommend Res Media ensuring excellent support and expertise.
Thanks Barbara
(Barbara Marinoni – Il Mondo in una Mail)
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I created my blog with this company, and I must say that I found it very well! I like my blog to die for, and I could not be more satisfied with it! Furthermore the staff is very kind and fast! 5 stars are not enough!
(Julia Anesi –
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I relied on RES MEDIA for my professional blog. I found staff very prepared and efficient, very helpful, always ready to meet any need with regard to customer satisfaction. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!
(Monica Fioravanzo –
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I found professionalism and competence in the service offered. To underline the punctual and ready availability to the solution of the problems arisen during the creation and initial management of the site. To be strongly recommended.
(Domenico Miceli – Cardiologo Miceli)
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Competent on the subject and quick in making my blog, I highly recommend!
(Ana Chirila –
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Writing has always been my passion, for this reason I decided to open a blog of my own. Initially I was confused because I’m not very technological, then on the internet I found the Res Media link. As soon as I contacted them I immediately received an answer Initially I talked to The consultant google Daniele Vicino, very helpful and very kind explained to me the initial stages and then made me contact the creator of my blog, Nicola. A very kind and patient boy who has always answered all my questions and, even now that the blog is complete and I arrange myself, I know that I can still count on him. I found it very well and if I did it myself that I knew little or nothing about it I owe it to the professionalism and willingness of those who has followed.The site that has been created fully meets my requests. Highly recommended.
(Giovanna Fregonese –
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I found people very kind, prepared and fast, I started a really nice, fine and classy blog. The delivery was very fast, they followed me at all stages, thanks Res media with you go on the safe side, if I had you I would choose again.
(Natalina Elefante – In cucina con Lina)
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Propositive, quick, efficient and very available.
Always available to the customer with innovative and personalized ideas totally according to the customer’s wishes. If you want to quickly make a great product that reflects your desires, you can not rely on them.
(Daila Lipfird – Daila Arte)
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I was looking for someone who would help me to realize my blog finally, I accidentally found you on the web and we immediately understood each other! I had clear ideas and you followed me step by step! The apps that you provide to manage the blog are very simple, very intuitive and above all (important X me) really quick to dispose of the work because you can work even with a smartphone! Thanks again!
(Angela Battistello –
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Real professionals, available and surprising I wanted my original blog that fully reflected my passions and my work .. something elegant and exceptional lover of exclusivity, I was afraid my idea was not understood but then when I have it seen not only realize the attention that they put in curing the details that for me are all .. but the ability to take full care and understand what they were talking about, have been nothing short of excellent and for me they remain really exclusivists .. I recommend full Res Media to anyone who wants to make the difference and loves the details.
(July Randazzo – Wellness 5 Stelle Luxury)
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