The most used online advertising is called Google AdWords and consists in creating an effective ad to promote a company, a product or a service. This announcement is among the first, by inserting keywords that let it be found in the Google search engine.

Today, 90% of people use the Google search engine to meet a need, writing keywords to find an effective response right away.


Why is it so important to be first?

1) Most potential customers search on Google looking for an answer to a need, finding in one of the very first advertisements (ann.) The one that satisfies them. In this way they can land on your site, download your app, view a landing page or read a blog article.

2) Google is the tool for excellence, used by people to look for something or take information. Hence the importance of appearing immediately and among the first to give the customer what he is looking for.


Posizionamento sui motori di ricerca


Our certified Google AdWords consultants will make you appear among the top Google positions. Users statistically stop at the first three results and in a minimal percentage the search goes beyond the third result.

Analisi di mercato


In a first phase we will carry out the study of the keywords that a potential customer could insert into the search engine. Then a promotional advertisement will be created, effective and captivating, which will be placed among the first places.

Campagna pubblicitaria localizzata


The advertising campaign that will be designed can be at local, regional, national or world level. It will also be possible to establish a time duration and decide the best formula in proportion to the investment.

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Instant visibility on the web

With Google AdWords your site will be found immediately and this will bring new customers with calls and requests for information or quotes. The results are immediate and grow over time with increasing visibility of the advertising campaign.


Promote efficiently

It is the best method for you to find customers who need what you offer. If you want to promote a service, sell a product or make yourself known, our Google AdWords consultants will position you in the first positions to let you find it now!

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Become global on the web

If you’re going to expand your business and quickly reach the attention of customers all over the world, creating a professional Google AdWords campaign is paramount. In fact, Google is used a lot in the world and the same principle of positioning at the top in the search by keywords can be repeated everywhere.


International and local customers

Do you have a local business and want to get to know you in your city or at the most regional level? Google AdWords has the solution for you, it will let you find first where you market your products or services the most and the advertising budget will be calculated on the basis of territoriality with solutions suitable for everyone.


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