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Increase your company’s sales with new world distributors


Website Restyling + SEO Project + Google Adwords and Facebook Ads


Duration 4-6 months

Interventi specifici elencati di seguito

1. Restlying the current multilingual site

We will be retlying to the old site, optimized for smartphones through an ad-hoc template. The new site designed in multilingual, will have the aim of recruiting resellers or wholesalers to distribute corporate products abroad. Affordable, professional but easy-to-understand content will be chosen, so that the website is a product that is appreciated by users and will become a benchmark in the industry. All this will enable the company to gain credibility and confidence and thus increase contacts with users / customers in order to gain conversions, visibility and revenue growth by distributing its product in European and world countries.

2. Promotion Facebook and Google Adwords

- Facebook is a launch pad and as such helps to reach a potentially very large user pool. We will create an advertising banner that creates curiosity and interest.
- With Google Adwords, the user already has a need to fill in and then searches Google to find a solution that meets his needs. We will then create an effective ad for the visitor to become a potential customer.

3. Blog integration

We will build a real interactive online newspaper where you can describe the latest news, to give users up-to-date information. The post items are all cataloged in chronological or categories, easy to consult and extremely easy to edit with the insertion of images and texts. This will be very easy to manage through a free App provided.

4. SEO

With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), all the activities aimed at improving visibility and hence placing a website in search engines (such as Google, Yahoo! etc). A Seo Specialist will conduct a keyword analysis related to the activity to select what could be typed into the search engines by the potential visitor.

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